BBT Tools

This page contains tools that enable users to familiarize themselves with the BBT.

BBTalk - BBT Submission and Connection Management Tool

BBTalk (the BBT Submission and Connection Management tool) is a communication system that supports discussions between the curators of the BBT and its potential users, thus providing valuable feedback for enhancing and updating the BBT.  It allows potential users to submit requests for possible changes regarding the terms and the hierarchies of the BBT, hereafter called submissions. It supports discussions regarding the submissions and keeps track of the different versions of the BBT and the history of the submissions (related past discussions). It also notifies all the interested parties about the progress of a submission, and the release of the new versions of the BBT.

Finally, BBTalk enables local thesauri maintainers to align their vocabularies with the BBT by providing the necessary mechanisms that allow them to link their terms to the BBT terms: it provides functionality for creating (and removing) connections originating from BBT terms to local thesauri terms (LOD identified), for storing contact info and for notifying all interested parties.

BBTalk is developed and maintained by FORTH-ICS (, in ithe framework of the project "APOLLONIS Greek Infrastructure for Humanities, Arts and Language Research and Innovation (2017-2020)" . Its can be accessed by clicking the link: Its functionality is described in detail in BTTalk UserManual.


The BBT-browser (also refered as BBT - Access Service, in BBT documentation) is a tool based on Vocabs Repository and provides a way to navigate the BBT hierarchies and browse the concepts. It is responsible for hosting and providing access to the current version the BBT. It provides consistent identification (LOD identification) for all terms of the BBT, in order to be referenced by the local thesauri.

Vocabs Repository is based on Scosmos  ( an open source tool, customized and maintained by ACDH-OEAW ( Its current version can be accessed by clicking the link: